Additional Products

I understand that having the flexibility of buying the digital files allows you to produce prints, enlargements and albums. However, I firmly believe that the beautiful images we are going to create deserve to be displayed using only the best quality products.





In addition to the print you receive within your chosen package, you can order additional prints of your favourite photos. We offer professional grade prints as standard. The high quality Pro Lab prints can also be upgraded to Fine Art Prints.

What are Fine Art Prints?

Fine Art Prints retain tonality and hue on archival paper that ensures longevity. Dinky Feet offers Hahnemühle Fine Art Papers as an alternative to Pro Lab Prints, to guarantee the highest quality products. All the Hahnemühle Photo media have what it takes to create visually and haptically captivating prints.

No matter if on high-gloss, satin finished, pearlescent or matt papers - all the Hahnemühle Photo media guarantee razor-sharp pictures with perfect colour fidelity. In cooperation with the ink-absorbing layer, the exclusive base paper guarantees an extensive colour gamut, the best possible contrasts of light and shade, the finest colour nuances in detail-rich prints.


  • Hahnemühle Fine Art Bamboo Paper 290gsm - Bamboo is the world’s first digital fine art inkjet paper made from bamboo fibres (90% bamboo fibre and 10% cotton). Bamboo represents spirituality, naturalness and resource-saving paper production. Particularly suitable for warm-toned colour and monochrome prints, Bamboo really highlights the sensuality of images. This natural warm-toned, smooth surfaced and OBA* (Optical Brightener Additives) free genuine art paper offers maximum aging resistance. It guarantees an extremely large colour gamut and high colour density.
  • Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285gsm - The bright white of FineArt Pearl enables impressive contrasts and pictorial depth in black and white or colour photography. The special coating provides a pearl-finish.
  • Hahnemühle Fine Art Torchon 285gsm - The term "torchon" is taken from the French and means "coarse structure". The special surface texture of this bright white paper is a reminder of this. It can capture the timeless original beauty and three dimensionality of an artwork in its own special way.
  • Hahnemühle Fine Art William Turner 190gsm - With its matt watercolour texture this paper is a genuine mould-made paper in both look and feel. William Turner is ideal for reproductions of traditional artworks and also for striking and expressive photo reproductions.

Pro Lab Prints

from £5.00

9"x6" £5
12"x8" £10
15"x10" £15
30"x20" £75
60"x40" £250

Fine Art Prints

from £17.50

9"x6" £17.50
12"x8" £30
15"x10" £45
30"x20" £150
60"x40" £450

Box of Mounted Prints

In addition to loose prints, we offer a box of ten 6" by 9" prints, mounted, and beautifully packaged in a 10" by 12" black box (white box can be supplied upon request). Box of Mounted Prints: £99

Framing and Canvases

In addition to Pro Lab and Fine Art prints, we offer Traditional Framing, Deep Framed Canvases and Fine Art Canvases.



Our Canvases are created for clients looking for the finest products available. This award winning canvas captures detail and tonal range unmatched by any other. A certificate showing the product is produced to museum standards is also supplied.  


Fine Art Canvas 

- 450gsm Fine art canvas OBA Free (No yellowing over time)

- 45mm deep exhibition pro stretcher bars guaranteed never to warp or twist

- Double tensioning wedges Hi-definition 12 colour giclée printing

- Fine art UV varnish for added protection

- Archival certified for 100+ years (certificate supplied)

- Hand stretched by our skilled craftsmen

- Supplied in a white presentation box

- Bespoke sizes up to 3m in length


Deep Framed Canvas

A truly timeless fine art wall piece. Our Fine Art canvas is first hand stretched around our exhibition pro bars then set into the custom made deep frame to create a floating effect. The canvas bars and deep wooden frame moulding are constructed by our craftsmen ensuring this is a heavyweight product made to impress. Deep Frame available in black or white. 


Classic Canvas (framed)

from £179

18" x 12" £179
24" x 16" £239
18" x 18" £239
20" x 20" £249
30" x 20" £319
24" x 24" £319
30" x 30" £399
40" x 40" £599
60" x 40" £799
50" x 50" £799

Fine Art Canvas (unframed)

from £139

10"x10" £139
12"x12" £150
18"x12" £169
16"x16" £169
16"x24" £210
20"x20" £210
30"x20" £239
30"x30" £299
40"x40" £399
60"x40" £499
50"x50" £499

Deep Framed Canvas

from £199

10"x10" £199
18"x12" £308
12"x12" £229
16"x16" £299
24"x16" £349
20"x20" £349
24"x24" £419
30"x20" £419
30"x30" £499
40"x40" £799
60"x40" £999
50"x50" £999


Using a combination of specially selected materials and our skilled craftsmen, our HD Acrylics are truely unique and designed to bring out the best colour rendition & sharpness possible. Bonded using the finest UK made fine art adhesive your images are fully UV protected & sealed to last a lifetime.

HD Acrylic (unframed)

The HD Acrylic is the premier product on the market and has become one of our best selling ranges. Printed using the finest 12 colour technology and with our specially selected premium grade materials. Our fine white backing seals the image and protects it from heat and moisture.

- 5mm Crystal clear plexiglas

- Facemounted with the highest grade fine art adhesive

- Diamond & flame polished edges

- Hi-definition colour printing

- Certified for 100+ years

- Supplied in a white presentation box

- Bespoke sizes up to 3m in length


Round Acrylic (unframed)

Our HD acrylics are also available as unframed, round wall art. 


Tray Framed Acrylic

Our Tray Framed Acrylic is inset into a custom made  wooden tray frame with an 8mm surround.  The edges of the acrylic are completely  visible giving the illusion that it is suspended  within the frame. This is an ideal product for  those wanting the contemporary benefits  of the HD Acrylic but need it to sit within a  framed environment. 

- 5mm Crystal clear plexiglas 

- Facemounted with the highest grade fine art adhesive 

- Wooden tray frame in black or white 

- Hi-definition colour printing 

- Certified for 100+ years 

- Supplied in a white presentation box 

- Bespoke sizes up to 2m in length  

Tray Framed Acrylic

From £249

12" x 12" £249
16"x16" £299
18" x 18" £329
24" x 16" £399
20" x 20" £399
24" x 24" £499
30" x 20" £499
30" x 30" £599
30" x 40" £699

HD Acrylic (Unframed)

From £249

24" x 16" £249
30" x 20" £349
40" x 60" £799

Square Acrylic (Unframed)

From £169

12" x 12" £169
16" x 16" £199
20" x 20" £299
24" x 24" £339
30" x 30" £399
40" x 40" £549

Round Acrylic (Unframed)

From £149

12" diameter £199
20" diameter £299
30" diameter £449
40" diameter £599

Digital files

Additional digital files are available for purchase at £25 per photo if sold outside of digital packages, and £20 when purchased on top of a digital package.

Should you require a different size for your prints, canvas, acrylics or frames, do not hesitate to get in touch.

All sizes are approximate.