Newborn Photography


Hi, I’m Maggie Robinson and I am the photographer behind Maggie Robinson - Professional Newborn & Maternity Photographer in Killmarsh, ShefieldDinky Feet. I am passionate about clean, simple and timeless newborn photography, that you will be able to cherish for years to come. I also love to occasionally mix it up a little and throw in a burst of unexpected colour.

Originally from Poland, I was always the happy snapper using any excuse to pick up a camera. For years it was mostly the great outdoors of Spain, France and USA, but a few years ago I decided to focus on one of the most amazing subjects of all: babies.

W.C. Fields famously said: “Never work with animals or children”, but I found baby and newborn photography to be one of the most rewarding professions.

I then joined the Guild of Photographers, and I have managed to pick up a few of their awards already, which I am very proud of.

In 2016 I was honoured to be in the final of the Photographer of The Year Awards at the Newborn Photography Show.
I am also one of the finalists in the prestigious Master Photographers Association’s Photographer of The Year 2017 competition.

Trained by the leading British photographers, Rob Mank and Russ Jackson, I am always actively expanding my knowledge.

Privately, together with my supportive husband, we are proud parents to two gorgeous girls: 3-year-old Eva and 18-year-old Leah and a bit less gorgeous, but equally charming, terrier Toby.